Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Linens, a charcoal grill, beach towels, and beach chairs are provided, as well as a starter supply of toilet paper, paper towels and soap. If you are staying for a week you will need additional paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, dishwasher detergent and soap. You will need to bring your food and toiletries, including shampoo, charcoal and lighter fluid, (and foil if you want to put it on the grill). We usually purchase drinking water to make ice tea and powdered beverages because it takes a while to get a gallon of water out of the filter on the refrigerator.

What is Palm Island?

Palm Island is not a name you will find on any maps or nautical charts. Because of the name of the resort on the north end of the island, the island is commonly called Palm Island. On nautical charts it is labeled as Little Gasperilla Island and is the barrier island south of Manasota Key and north of Boca Grande. At one point time it was three islands, Knight Island on the north, Don Pedro Island in the middle and Little Gasperilla to the south. Many years ago a hurricane joined the 3 island into one. The north of the island is occupied by Palm Island resort, and to the south of the resort is a section that is accessible from the ferry. There is no commercial development, only single family homes and duplexes. Most homes are on the water, either the Gulf of Mexico or on the bay . As you walk south on the beach you will reach Don Pedro State Park, a FL park that is accessible only by boat or by walking the beach. South of the park is the community of Little Gasperilla, a town of homes that are accessible only by boat. The entire island is about 7 miles long and you can walk the beach from one end of the island to the other.

Are pets allowed?

NO pets are allowed in the house. Charlotte County law does not allow dogs on the beach.

Can I smoke?

No smoking is allowed in the house or on the enclosed deck. No restaurants in Florida allow smoking.

Can I purchase anything without leaving the island?

There is a small store at Palm Island resort called the Rum Bay General Store. They carry some t-shirts, hats, toiletries, wine, soda, and some frozen foods. They can provide fresh meats and fish if you call ahead.

Can I eat out on the island?

Rum Bay is the restaurant at Palm Island Resort. It serves lunch and dinner eat in and carry out. The food is good and the dress is casual. It is similar to an Applebees. Our favorites are the grouper and ribs. The coconut shrimp appetizer is also very good. There is also a pizza place at the resort.

What is Palm Island Resort?

Palm Island Resort occupies the north 2-3 miles of the island. There are rental units and private homes on the resort. Rum Bay General Store provides limited shopping and Rum Bay Restaurant is good place to eat a couple of meals while on the island. There is also a pizza place there. You can drive to the resort and park in the lot on the south end of the property, but to get around the resort you must walk, bike or drive a golf cart. You are welcome to use the restaurant and store. It is about ½ mile from the parking to the store/restaurant. We enjoy taking a golf cart to the north end of the resort and walking around Stump Pass. The beach there has some of the best shelling and we frequently see dolphins in the pass. The beach everywhere on the island is public, but there are rarely crowds on the beach due to the cost of crossing on the ferry.